Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lust Magazine


Yes, I'm still alive, concentrating on other things. :P

I wanted to talk to you a little about the Lust Magazine being produced by Barratt Hawker and Strawberry Ixtar.

It's incredibly rare to find anything in SL done to such a high standard. Some of you may recognize Barratt as the photographer who took my pictures for Pixel X magazine, which sadly never surfaced - so it's amazing to see him putting his obvious talent to good use in his very own porn orientated magazine.

Kudos to ALL involved. I'm looking forward to seeing many more issues. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Group gift

Im lazy - we've established this. Soon I shall reveal all, to the entire interwebs and explain exactly why - but for now, there's an epic new group gift at tits!

I can't work out this new format - so... scroll down for your taxi until I'm not being a lazy fuck.

<3 'Cedies.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Pink Friday 4th May

This week's pink friday offerings

TITS Exclusive

Goon Block Discount

Goon Block Discount

Slut Haus Discount


Friday, 27 April 2012

~TITZ~ Updates

About time, right? :P

I want to start off with this weeks PINK FRIDAY offerings... because they're only 50L, and who can resist a bargain!?

~TITZ~ Exclusive!

~TITZ~ Exclusive!

Goon Block 50L deal

Waffle! Rock Chick Leopard Jeans, all colours shown are available for 50L EACH.

NEW ~TITZ~ Stuff!

MESH Corsets - Demo's available in store, 7 sizes available and an alpha layer is included.


'Cedies xxx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Rescue

Ugh. Hello new blog editing layout... 
I dislike change :>

So, I met up with Deathfate Burnfield a few weeks ago, and recently he expressed an interest in delving into the porn world. He's got hot pixels, and he's a pretty awesome guy - so being the helpful person I am (and honestly, who WOULDN'T want to work with him... srsly... i drooled the entire time), I decided to use him in my first ever pictoral story board - with an added little erotic story, just to tempt you a little more. 
See below!

I hoope to see MUCH more of Death in new productions, and indeed, would be more than happy to work with him again.

<3 'Cedies.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Rants & Vids!

Ok, so AS PROMISED after much messing around on my part, here's a list of the video's i've been extremely lucky to be a part of recently.

I have to say, not only was I completely honored to be a part of this video, but the entire cast are beyond amazing. Nik is an amazing artist, her skills are second to none and the concept itself is incredibly original. 
Serious kudos to her for the brilliance this video shows, and massive thanks for allowing me to be part of her vision.

Alexcuck constantly surprises me with his excellent 'green screen' skills and fabulous graphics. Thanks to Morph Winx for co-starring with me!

If you don't know Alexandr, that's your loss! He's an amazing artist, his camera skills constantly make me purr with happiness, and his wifey, and my co-star makes my panties smile! I'm very lucky to be friends with both!

Once again, Alexandr will capture your imagination. Something a little different here, and again his graphics and camera angles will wow you!


New TITS Stuff!

I'm also currently working on updating ALL items to support v-string, universal & the new PP's Paraboobs. All new items will support these implants, and all OLD stock that supports them have a yellow star sticker next to the vendor to show they're newly updated.


My rant.

I put this last, because I figure you don't really come here to read my rants, this way you can just scroll down and ignore me while I do this, or if you so chose, you can cheer me on/ tell me what a wanker I am for my opinions.

Recently, two friends came to me and asked how to make prim breast clothing. I'm pretty open to teaching people stuff & helping widen the span of clothes offered for the prim breast community, and considering these two people are friends I had no issues. The first lady who has been making clothes for some time fairly successfully, took a tiny amount of instruction and has since been producing EPIC clothing for prim breasts in her store (you can find her store @ Dream Valley, with the TITZ main store).

The second lady... this is where it gets complicated. She made it known there were feelings on her part towards me, and I made it clear I wasn't interested. A while ago, we stopped talking because every time there was a guy around me, she'd assume I was pixel bumping, which strangely enough, I really don't do that often (I have picky panties), and we stopped talking because I was quite frankly fed up with being akin to a whore in her eyes, constantly criticized with no constructive imput, so we parted ways.
She then approaches me almost two months later, telling me she wants to be friends. I'm all for forgiving and forgetting, but in the back of my mind I was still very wary.
She asked me to teach her, and either me being extremely stupid, or making a valid attempt to give this woman a minute amount of trust back, i showed her. 3 hours on skype. 3 freaking hours. Seriously. Prim breast clothing isn't that hard, really, but i persevered.

Here comes the good stuff.

The first dress she released was a template readily available on SLX, un-edited except for the breast part. Now don't get me wrong, it looks awesome, and I told her so. I was proud of her for being able to make what she wanted to.
The first thing she does, is go straight to the first lady I mention, and ask her to do her photography. This woman is a freaking AMAZING photographer, and doesn't often get the credit she deserves for that photography, but in short, that made THIS lady's clothing look extra-ordinary. The ads were bright, eye-catching and extremely professional, but not her own work.

She then places these un-edited, template dresses for sale, for 250L each. 250L?! For a template? Don't get me wrong, my clothing uses templates. Sometimes, they're unedited, and if that's the case, I reflect that in the price. Mostly, I take these templates and add a splash of 'Cedies over the fabric/patterns and colouring. I'm not an expert, I don't claim to be an expert, and I sell reasonable quality products at a very reasonable price, in an attempt to make the prim booby wearers very happy in the clothing choices they have available.

This... woman, then goes on to approach a major brand store. And I mean MAJOR. I don't know if the reason the store owner decided to trust this woman was because they both speak the same language, or if somehow, she just managed to talk her way in with compliments and bullshit, but the woman I taught is now producing breast appliers EXCLUSIVELY for this one brand.

At this point, i'd like to state that yes, I am slightly jealous, and I'm well aware that this is probably a natural response, considering I'm receiving absolutely 0 thanks for the help I provided, but again, she's charging ridiculous prices for something SHE didn't create at all.

100L per applier. It costs 10L to upload a texture. The texture she's uploading isn't even HERS, it's the store owners, and all she's doing is sticking it in an applier and selling it on for 100% profit.

The reason I'm so angry, is because again, this woman decided to tar me as a whore for 'ignoring' her while doing a porn shoot with an SL married man. Most people in porn are aware that while you're doing a porn, there's no emoting, there's no actual sex other than the prim pieces slamming into each other. It's not sexy to be told "Rotate that bit down, edit this poseball", and I do NOT masturbate while i'm in a shoot. Ever.

So, I feel used. I feel like this... person... only came back into my life for her personal gain. I don't see any pride in what she's doing.. she is in fact, still riding on someone elses designs, just the same way as she used the photo's another person took for her.. and used my information to 'better' her SL.

I'm angry. Hence this rant. However, i've chosen not to name names, and therefore her brand should not be affected. All I can say is, if you work out who this person is, and they ask you for something.. don't bloody do it.

Good luck!