Friday, 2 March 2012


Oh hi!
Didya miss me?

So finally, my computer has been fixed and i'm able to blog \o/ and take pictures \o/ and make stuff! YAY!
I have some big news too!
TITZ has moved! I actually got a real store, and not a little field full of random =O.
I'm sharing a 1/4 sim with 3 other lovely mainstores that I would NEVER have found if it wasn't for this blog & SL Porn, which is kind of random!
The Stores i'm sharing with are Bubble Electric, owned by Litani Istmal, Waffle! owned by Kiki Paine, and [M.O.a.R] owned by Issy Wonder.
All of these ladies are currently supplying prim breast add ons for their items too!
Not only are these ladies my new neighbours, but I'm also incredibly proud to call them all friends.
Hopefully this is the start of some amazing new items from ALL of us!

New Mainstores @ Dream Valley Plaza.

There's a few items i've released at TITZ and I PROMISED I'd do a blog post for the ladies @ Dream Valley who are involved in that revolving around the whore couture fair, and I promise I'll get around to it shortly.

Thankies for being so patient while I re- find my SL feet after my absense!

<3 Mercy

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