Saturday, 7 January 2012

Justin Does Mercy!

So clicky on my link people!
I have some new stuffs to share from you, by a little asian lady called Shigemi Resident.
If you've already checked the porn link, you'll see a female masturbation chair is used in the first few scenes. This is freakin epic. It has like, 9 poses all for solo girl fun.

She's also made a glam couch with a ton of animations in from relaxing, to naughty dirty sex stuff. YAY!
It's awesome, and she used me in her advertisements, so that just endears me to her more lolol.
The animations run very smoothly, and the people who have seen it in my place are totally in LOVE with this thing.

ALSO. Newness from TITZ. Hurrah!

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