Thursday, 19 January 2012

&& More Rants.


They're either really informative, or really effin' pointless.
I like to live under the illusion that on occasion this one can be informative.

Creating a blog intentionally to slate others isn't just pointless, but also inaffective.
What part of yourself thinks that your opinion on one person is so fucking amazing it should be universally shared?

Are you being stalked in SL?
Mute. Ban. Ignore.
Any more than this and you're just fuelling the fire that drives them.
Do they turn up at your hang-outs?
Suck it up, bitches. SL isn't as big as you'd like.
Do they badmouth you to friends?
Suck it up, bitches. Learn who's worth your time.
Do they inform the whole SL community on lies regarding you?
Suck it up, bitches. It's all sticks and stones.

Stop this fucking ridiculous BLOG WAR.
It might be entertaining to read for a few days, but all it's doing is showing that you have nothing better to do than to search on the internet for 'relevant' pictures (which 9/10 aren't relevant), modify conversations (ya'll are doing it to your advantage... don't act like it's not happening), involve people who have no desire to be thrown into your ridiculous drama fest, and add phalluses to each other's pictures.

This is high-school shit.
Grow the fuck up.

/end rant.


1 comment:

  1. You write well. :-) Glad you don't sink to those others' level; barely educated and mean-spirited with it.

    I 100% don't 'get' the bimbo appeal, but i like what you do. <3