Friday, 10 February 2012

I think your mouth should be quiet, because it never tells the truth.


I'm lapse. I've been working on photography (sometimes), lazing around like a lazybum (a LOT), teaching my Lemur new tricks (yes, really!) and unleashing the fury in CAPS LOCK STYLE.
Why? Because I can. :P

New profile picture. If anyone knows where to get awesome backgrounds, let me know.
I'm getting tired of white. -insert sad face here-


The BE MY BUSTY VALENTINE hunt has now started! It runs from now until 10th March, so that's an entire month to find some wonderful prim-boob freeb's. The starting point is Tw@tty C@ke, Taxi here! and in all there are 17 stores participating, so WELL worth a look.

There's a couple of new items up at TITZ too!

And on a completely unrelated note, 

This made me lawl so hard. I don't even like Star Trek.


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