Monday, 13 February 2012

"Oh give me a home.....

...Where the Buffalo roaaaam....
                   ....where the Deer and the Antelope plaaaaaaaay"

So I wandered upon a magnificent creature. Its eyes were pure black and it's coat brown.
It seemed quite friendly, and approached me slowly, so I allowed it to come a little closer.

Turns out that the little critter was a Buffalo. Or Bison. I'm still kinda confused about this.
Whatever, he's a highly amusing little fellow, he has an intense wit and is really keen on sitting on me.
Personally, I think it was just to get close to my tata's, I doubt the Buffalo would deny this.

Still, here's a couple of cute, unedited pictures, just because I can.

On a side note, these Mesh boots from TENS are fucking amazing. Go buy them. <3

The Buffalo and I are now firm friends, on the assumption that he keeps his tongue in his mouth and stops attempting to lick my boobies. Not gonna happen. I might need to invest in a muzzle.

New ~TITZ~ Item out!

Casual/sporty zip up tops! 100L each or 475L for the fatpack of 5 colours.
Compatible with Universals, E-corp, Lola's Push-up's & Lola's Naturals and Mused.

BUY THEM ALL! Mwahaha.

<3 Mercy

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