Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lazy Bastard.

That's pretty much what I've been.
Honestly, for the most part I've been making a valiant attempt to keep my nose clean, stay out of all the shitty drama surrounding the SL porn industry, and be happy in my perfect little bubble of awesome with the people who fill my life with smiles. 

A tiny rant, before I show you new ~TITZ~ Stuff, again regarding nonsensical drama.
IF you're being harassed, the worst thing to do is to get caught up in how negative one person, or one group of people are towards you. You need to remember the reasons you joined SL, or whatever else is causing you drama, and if that reason no longer exists then it's time to move on.
Saying one thing and doing another will add fuel to the fires that are burning underneath your feet.
Holding conversations with the person/s who are causing you the drama is going to do nothing but stoke the same fire.
Ignoring the issues are the best way forward after an initial addressing, especially when the drama-causers are persistent, and stupid.
SL is supposed to be a virtual world where anything is possible, allow those of us making a choice to appear as something other than we are in rl (In my case - blonde barbie. As stated before i'm not blonde RL, and personally I don't see myself as anywhere near barbie status rl, although I do have the same penchant for shoes & makeup as I have SL!), even if someone IS a guy on a girl avatar - let them be! Plenty of people wander around as furries or children in Secondlife.
Plenty of Lesbians use "boi" avatars to convey the appearance they'd prefer to have.
Barbies may be a fad, but there's ALWAYS going to be blonde girls with big breasts, same as there's always going to be furries, always going to be demons, and there'll be a splattering of elves, children, fairies, nymphs, mermaids etc etc. Hell - a spider rezzed into my store yesterday, and my response wasn't "Hey you, get out, you're not a spider in RL!".
Abuse isn't always negative. It's a sign that things aren't exactly how we'd like them in either world. A sign that educating rather than attacking is the road needing to be taken. Abusers are usually lacking something in their lives that they see in yours. Maybe it's the image you're portraying that they don't have the gumption to pull off themselves, or it could be as simple as you're more successful at what you do than they've ever been, or could ever be. It's ignorance and stupidity, so allow it to flow over your head and deal with those who are important in maintaining your happiness. The ones who make you smile deserve more than listening to constant nonsensical chat about how one person is making your life hell - they're not. You're allowing them to.

Ok. Newness!

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<3 Mercy

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