Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And in the morning, I'm making waffles!

Kinda bright, but I like it! I'm also loving the mesh hair, when it doesn't poke through my bewbies!

Hair : [LeLutka]-YIPPIE hair - Overcooked (Mesh)
Shoes : (b)e: fashion whore wedges (Bubble Electric, Litani Istmal)
Socks : *L.inc* Garter Nylons Torn Amber
Panties : Waffle! My Leopard Print Panties [rainbow] (Kiki Paine - Gatcha Festival Only)
Shirt : ~TITZ~ Cheeky Tee, Yellow (NEW!!)
Nipples : [twee.] - Aphrodisia - Shields
Assorted Mandala Jewelry.

I never uploaded this anywhere, it's pre-makeover.
I wasn't entirely happy with the way the words sat, but it needs to be shown before i delete it forever.

Fyi, totally smitten with him. <3

Happy Valentines Day, hookahs.

Monday, 13 February 2012

"Oh give me a home.....

...Where the Buffalo roaaaam....
                   ....where the Deer and the Antelope plaaaaaaaay"

So I wandered upon a magnificent creature. Its eyes were pure black and it's coat brown.
It seemed quite friendly, and approached me slowly, so I allowed it to come a little closer.

Turns out that the little critter was a Buffalo. Or Bison. I'm still kinda confused about this.
Whatever, he's a highly amusing little fellow, he has an intense wit and is really keen on sitting on me.
Personally, I think it was just to get close to my tata's, I doubt the Buffalo would deny this.

Still, here's a couple of cute, unedited pictures, just because I can.

On a side note, these Mesh boots from TENS are fucking amazing. Go buy them. <3

The Buffalo and I are now firm friends, on the assumption that he keeps his tongue in his mouth and stops attempting to lick my boobies. Not gonna happen. I might need to invest in a muzzle.

New ~TITZ~ Item out!

Casual/sporty zip up tops! 100L each or 475L for the fatpack of 5 colours.
Compatible with Universals, E-corp, Lola's Push-up's & Lola's Naturals and Mused.

BUY THEM ALL! Mwahaha.

<3 Mercy

Friday, 10 February 2012

I think your mouth should be quiet, because it never tells the truth.


I'm lapse. I've been working on photography (sometimes), lazing around like a lazybum (a LOT), teaching my Lemur new tricks (yes, really!) and unleashing the fury in CAPS LOCK STYLE.
Why? Because I can. :P

New profile picture. If anyone knows where to get awesome backgrounds, let me know.
I'm getting tired of white. -insert sad face here-


The BE MY BUSTY VALENTINE hunt has now started! It runs from now until 10th March, so that's an entire month to find some wonderful prim-boob freeb's. The starting point is Tw@tty C@ke, Taxi here! and in all there are 17 stores participating, so WELL worth a look.

There's a couple of new items up at TITZ too!

And on a completely unrelated note, 

This made me lawl so hard. I don't even like Star Trek.


Monday, 6 February 2012


The brilliant thing about SL is that you can change whatever you like at the drop of a hat,
that is assuming you have the means to change it :P
When I re-joined SL, I decided I wanted to be something totally different to what I was RL, appearance-wise. The thick, blonde curvy girl was my take on 'totally different'.
Those of you who LOVE my curvy blonde look needn't worry, she's saved safely, and may at some point return (Or indeed be used on requests for photographs & films), but for now - i've decided to go back to RL, with some bigger boobs and a jigglier butt!

I've only made minor changes to my face. There's slightly more chin, a little less lips & my eyes are just a tad wider. I've also added more cheeks, and now i just wanna squeeze them!

Hair : >TRUTH< Kaelyn 2 - treacle
Gloss : Pink Acid Clear Lip GLoss
Eyelashes : Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_N03

My proportions are still very similar to the "curvy" look I had. The only difference is in my thickness.

Bolero : [LeLutka]-IRINUSHKA bolero/arctic
Tape : Lola's! Push up hud.
Fishnet : Something that's still a  work in progress for the ~TITZ~ Store (coming soon!)

Nails : Mstyle - Perfect Long Nails, Classic
Boots : [Gos] Curvaceous Boots in FATPACK
LOVE LOVE these boots. The fatpack version has so many colours,  and so many options it'll make your brain explode with a rainbow of fantastic possibilities. Change the calf, the buttons, the heel, the metal, the sole, the whole thing... they really allow you to individualize your item.

There's a new item out at the ~TITZ~ Mainstore too.

The subtle sparkle dresses aren't suitable for e-corp (sorries)
but HAVE been tested on Universals, Lola's push up & naturals & Mused.

These can be found in the new UPPER FLOOR of ~TITZ~, just look for the tiny door and wander through!

I'm also going to be a part of a Valentine hunt, organized by the owner & creator of Tw@tty C@ke.
I'm thrilled to be a part of this - so exciting.

Hunt starts february 10th!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lazy Bastard.

That's pretty much what I've been.
Honestly, for the most part I've been making a valiant attempt to keep my nose clean, stay out of all the shitty drama surrounding the SL porn industry, and be happy in my perfect little bubble of awesome with the people who fill my life with smiles. 

A tiny rant, before I show you new ~TITZ~ Stuff, again regarding nonsensical drama.
IF you're being harassed, the worst thing to do is to get caught up in how negative one person, or one group of people are towards you. You need to remember the reasons you joined SL, or whatever else is causing you drama, and if that reason no longer exists then it's time to move on.
Saying one thing and doing another will add fuel to the fires that are burning underneath your feet.
Holding conversations with the person/s who are causing you the drama is going to do nothing but stoke the same fire.
Ignoring the issues are the best way forward after an initial addressing, especially when the drama-causers are persistent, and stupid.
SL is supposed to be a virtual world where anything is possible, allow those of us making a choice to appear as something other than we are in rl (In my case - blonde barbie. As stated before i'm not blonde RL, and personally I don't see myself as anywhere near barbie status rl, although I do have the same penchant for shoes & makeup as I have SL!), even if someone IS a guy on a girl avatar - let them be! Plenty of people wander around as furries or children in Secondlife.
Plenty of Lesbians use "boi" avatars to convey the appearance they'd prefer to have.
Barbies may be a fad, but there's ALWAYS going to be blonde girls with big breasts, same as there's always going to be furries, always going to be demons, and there'll be a splattering of elves, children, fairies, nymphs, mermaids etc etc. Hell - a spider rezzed into my store yesterday, and my response wasn't "Hey you, get out, you're not a spider in RL!".
Abuse isn't always negative. It's a sign that things aren't exactly how we'd like them in either world. A sign that educating rather than attacking is the road needing to be taken. Abusers are usually lacking something in their lives that they see in yours. Maybe it's the image you're portraying that they don't have the gumption to pull off themselves, or it could be as simple as you're more successful at what you do than they've ever been, or could ever be. It's ignorance and stupidity, so allow it to flow over your head and deal with those who are important in maintaining your happiness. The ones who make you smile deserve more than listening to constant nonsensical chat about how one person is making your life hell - they're not. You're allowing them to.

Ok. Newness!

As usual, all items are available in fatpack & single colours.

Head out to the ~TITZ~ Mainstore to pick up the latest items 

<3 Mercy