Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Casual :esk-imo:

First of all, I want to make a massive shout out to Daddy. So "HEY DADDY!".
Ok, now that's done, he should be content with being in my blog - See that, Daddy?
*Highlights it in PINK*

I've been a busy RACOON today (I was gonna say beaver - but Racoon is way more fitting, don't you think?), and have managed to put my items out on marketplace. YAY ME!

I guess eventually, if I can build up enough items and there's enough demand, I might open an inworld store, but currently I'm super happy with just being on the marketplace. :P

Also, I decided to do a little digging around for some new stores, and ended up teleporting to an awesome japanese-style store (Not sure if it IS actually japanese, but it's cute, so whatevs!) called ESK-IMO.
The hair I found there was just 25L's per colour pack, and the skins 100L per make up. I purchased a skin & loved it, but reverted to my regular skin because of the whole prim boob match-up issue us busty ladies deal with (I'm lazy).
Also, through out the store there were a ton of gifties - poses, makeups & hair.

Hair : Esk-imo Hair Hana (Light Blonde)
Wait until you see the front with the cute low bangs! *nomnom*

I didn't realize until afterwards that I'm missing a lower leg in this picture, but I assure you it's there behind me.

Jeans : *L.inc* Tyra Jeans Starlet Wash Dark Blue Striped, (Rolled cuffs)
Shoes : Slink Lulu Stilettos White
Shirt : ~TITZ~ Bandau White (soon on marketplace)

Everything else has been previously blogged, and one day I might remind you without making you scroll down. Mwhaha. 

^^ Full selection coming soon.

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