Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sticky Pink Waffles!

Got some goodies!

Bra : :STICKY FINGERS: My purple Va-Va-Voom underwear set
Jeans : Waffle! Lola Jeans [pink]
Make up : :esk-imo: Lip Gloss Type 3 Freaky Pack (Free!)
Make up 2 : :esk-imo: Ocean Eyeshadow - All Colors (Free!)

Hair : [e] Wave - Bright Blondes
Lipstick Tattoo : Waffle! Kiss Kiss - Upper Body Tattoo
Lipstick Tattoo 2 : Waffle! Kiss Kiss Face Tattoo 

Shoes : [Diktator]-CHIC (PURPLE)

Love love LOVE these shoes. The detailing is fantastic!

On to other business... I was approached by a random fellow at the ghetto a couple of nights back. Turns out he wants to hand all his pennies over to me, and watch me get fucked whilst he's treated like nothing but a pet. Interesting idea, so I figured i'd give it a go :P

So, after I'd got his peen0r all stuck in a chastity device, and stuck a pighead on him, this is sorta what he looked like. It made me giggle. A lot.
Notice he's chained to that post. Wee! That was fun too.

Next, Daddy came over to spend some time with me. I'm a lucky girl.
Daddy got a little frisky, and Mister Piggeh got a bit of a show.

Needless to say Mister Piggeh showered me with gifts & Lindens, thanked Daddy profusely, and logged out to go clean himself up. In the morning. After he'd slept.

Oh Piggeh. You have NO idea what you're letting yourself in for, you silly, silly boy.


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