Friday, 23 December 2011

My First Hater!

Turns out some chick who's usually all over Harlee Fallen has decided to throw me into her blog too.

So much for keeping my nose clean, eh?

I've seen this "Rayven" once. She was alone at Cumhouse.
Never spoken to her, and honestly, after that illiterate spiel, I doubt she's going to be on my Christmas Card list.

My rant today is going to be regarding assumptions based on how people look.
Guess what? I have prim tits and blonde hair. I LIKE the 'Barbie' look. 
I like having a fat ass, I like wearing a ton of bling and ridiculously high shoes in SL.
Do I have fake tits in RL? No. I don't even have a fat ass, which is a total shame, as I'd love some Beyonce Ghetto Booty, and I'm not even a fucking blonde.
Secondlife is a place to be what you want, but it seems that even there you're gonna get preconceived judgements made upon you, and the look you chose to rock. Shame really. I can understand it if you're all out of proportion, or you're wandering around like a duck with your system clothes after 3 years, but if I chose to be a Bimbo, respect my fucking decision, and don't hate.
Hell, talk to me, you'll soon realize that not only am I quite friendly and approachable (depending on what you're speaking to me about, I can get quite sarcastic if you're a crap roleplayer and want some sex!), but I actually have more than half a brain in my head.

To call me a whore, or to slate the way I dress without having ever spoken to me, proves nothing but unfounded jealousy. Seriously, Miss Rayven!
If causing drama is what you want, you've failed miserably. All you've managed to do is make yourself look like a sad-act, a jealous little girl who clearly hasn't been able to create a name for herself even in a virtual world, so picks on those who have been lucky enough to strike out and make some really good friends in the adult industry.

Don't hate without reason.
Don't hate at all - hold in contempt. Most hater's aren't worth the time spent on them, and for that reason, I shall never mention Rayven again.

Bob Marley said it best.

"Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect

 and I don't live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, 

make sure your hands are clean."

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