Saturday, 17 December 2011

Stripped Bare.

First OFFICIAL post after that god-awful trial run, which at least proved I had half the skills it takes to embed pictures, now I gotta figure out the videos. -scratches her head-.

For now though, I thought I'd go with some mindless nudity, under the pretense of amazingly awesome blogging & information. Let's see if I get this shiz right. Weeeeee.....

Ok so I wanted to show off my tatas. Anyone got a problem with that? 
In all seriousness, I know what a pain in the butt the Lola's prim boobs can be, and whereas I can't really help MUCH on this (I was lucky enough to be handed a texture for my skin - ty SO much Sheila), this is what they look like when they're properly matched!
I've barely edited these, just a little smudge and an overlay. I don't wanna over-edit things because then you don't actually know what you're getting and it sucks. (btw, I rant a LOT.)

Prim Boobs : Push Up, Lolas!
Prim feet : N-Core
Hair : Britney, Catwa
Lashes : # 1 3D Alpha Lashes, Catwa
Vagina (yeah I have one!) : -JR-
Tattoo : Pandora Tattoo,Glue Ink.

I did a back view too. Who knew SL asses were so hard to edit?

Leg Tattoo : Bow Tattoo, Glue Ink.
I love love love these, they're so naughty, yet innocent at the same time. I get lots of comments on those smexy tats, and they look fantastic with bare feet OR massive stripper heels. FAB!

Now for my collar. I'm completely enamoured with this thing. It's SO delicate and gorgeous.
I adore the way the chain hangs down over your spine and is locked with a heart. Yummy.

Collar : Spinal Collar White, PixelFashion

And a front view for the titties too...

You may or may not notice the nipples I'm using aren't the standard Lola's. Thanks to my awesome friend Dee, and the power of multiple attachments (Thank you Linden Gods, one thing I agree with!) I'm using these stunningly detailed nipples. They were surprisingly easy to fit too - and there are a ton of texture & piercing options.

Nipples : Sculpted Nipples, Vanilla Sucks 

AND that concludes my first official post. GO ME!

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