Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sticky Pink Waffles!

Got some goodies!

Bra : :STICKY FINGERS: My purple Va-Va-Voom underwear set
Jeans : Waffle! Lola Jeans [pink]
Make up : :esk-imo: Lip Gloss Type 3 Freaky Pack (Free!)
Make up 2 : :esk-imo: Ocean Eyeshadow - All Colors (Free!)

Hair : [e] Wave - Bright Blondes
Lipstick Tattoo : Waffle! Kiss Kiss - Upper Body Tattoo
Lipstick Tattoo 2 : Waffle! Kiss Kiss Face Tattoo 

Shoes : [Diktator]-CHIC (PURPLE)

Love love LOVE these shoes. The detailing is fantastic!

On to other business... I was approached by a random fellow at the ghetto a couple of nights back. Turns out he wants to hand all his pennies over to me, and watch me get fucked whilst he's treated like nothing but a pet. Interesting idea, so I figured i'd give it a go :P

So, after I'd got his peen0r all stuck in a chastity device, and stuck a pighead on him, this is sorta what he looked like. It made me giggle. A lot.
Notice he's chained to that post. Wee! That was fun too.

Next, Daddy came over to spend some time with me. I'm a lucky girl.
Daddy got a little frisky, and Mister Piggeh got a bit of a show.

Needless to say Mister Piggeh showered me with gifts & Lindens, thanked Daddy profusely, and logged out to go clean himself up. In the morning. After he'd slept.

Oh Piggeh. You have NO idea what you're letting yourself in for, you silly, silly boy.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Casual :esk-imo:

First of all, I want to make a massive shout out to Daddy. So "HEY DADDY!".
Ok, now that's done, he should be content with being in my blog - See that, Daddy?
*Highlights it in PINK*

I've been a busy RACOON today (I was gonna say beaver - but Racoon is way more fitting, don't you think?), and have managed to put my items out on marketplace. YAY ME!

I guess eventually, if I can build up enough items and there's enough demand, I might open an inworld store, but currently I'm super happy with just being on the marketplace. :P

Also, I decided to do a little digging around for some new stores, and ended up teleporting to an awesome japanese-style store (Not sure if it IS actually japanese, but it's cute, so whatevs!) called ESK-IMO.
The hair I found there was just 25L's per colour pack, and the skins 100L per make up. I purchased a skin & loved it, but reverted to my regular skin because of the whole prim boob match-up issue us busty ladies deal with (I'm lazy).
Also, through out the store there were a ton of gifties - poses, makeups & hair.

Hair : Esk-imo Hair Hana (Light Blonde)
Wait until you see the front with the cute low bangs! *nomnom*

I didn't realize until afterwards that I'm missing a lower leg in this picture, but I assure you it's there behind me.

Jeans : ** Tyra Jeans Starlet Wash Dark Blue Striped, (Rolled cuffs)
Shoes : Slink Lulu Stilettos White
Shirt : ~TITZ~ Bandau White (soon on marketplace)

Everything else has been previously blogged, and one day I might remind you without making you scroll down. Mwhaha. 

^^ Full selection coming soon.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Moar Titz!

Stumbled upon another store starting to sell clothing with Lola's appliers.
Thank you Issy Wonder of [M.O.a.R]
I purchased all of the fuckers. A total of 5 colours, and the amount of clothing layers is completely epic.
So many ways to wear the dress, and you can wear the skirt & corsets separately.

Dress : [M.O.a.R] Strumpet Dress, Gold
Belt : *BOOM* Lynx- Skinny Belt (ebony)
Bracelets : .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelets :: CREPUSCULE ::
Garter Belt : .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Garter :: CREPUSCULE ::
Boots : BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Hair : ""D!va"" Hair "Natsuki2" (Cat's eye)
As usual, Eyelashes are Catwa, & Tattoos are previously blogged, along with the Mandala earrings.

Next... I've been on a little creative streak myself. Currently, my items are only available directly through me, because I've yet to work out how the new Marketplace works for posting items, and I don't want my store looking like noobsville. :P
I was chatting to a friend about possible names, and "Boobalicious" was suggested. Having poo poo'd that one, I decided on TITZ. Hopefully, it'll cater to those busty ladies (although so far everything can be worn without prim boobies too), with maybe some separates being sold at a later date.

12 colours, also sold separately for 200L's each.
Belt attaches to skirt!

12 colours, also sold separately for 150L's each.

I'm dead pleased that i've managed to make prim boobie appliers. For 3 weeks I was staring at the things going "WTF" and finally, with a little help from a friend it all clicked into place.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I do <3

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sticky Fingers!

"Sticky Fingers". Everyone wants them. Lol.
What a freaking awesome name for a store?! 
I popped over there having read that they were starting to do packs for implants. So far there's only one dress with the implant add-ons, but it comes in an array of colours, and if you join the in world group there's also a free one with applicators included.

I roped Lex in again XD

Lexus Wears

Skin: Ricielli - ESMEE light_DB/makeup1
Lashes: ^;^CaTwa^;^ 3D NoAlpha Lashes #1
Shoes: J's Platform Pumps ( SHOCKING PINK )
Eyes: Rehab: !R - Shelbie Eyes
Makeup: - DAMNED - KMTD Lipstick 1 + EyesMakeup.
Dress: :STICKY FINGERS: My pink heart dress 2
Nails: Mandala Palette 1

Mercedes Wears

Dress : Sticky fingers : My red heart dress with appliers add ons (Free group gift!)
Bracelets, Earings & Necklace : Mandala Kabuki, Gold
Belly Chain : BELLY-CHAIN IC GOLD       -RYCA- (Bite me for looking like a cheap gold-spraypainted ho. Kthnx!)
Shoes : Debrah's "Coty" HighHeels -HotRed
Tights  : *Sheer* Tights 08: Torn Shiny Black

Friday, 23 December 2011

My First Hater!

Turns out some chick who's usually all over Harlee Fallen has decided to throw me into her blog too.

So much for keeping my nose clean, eh?

I've seen this "Rayven" once. She was alone at Cumhouse.
Never spoken to her, and honestly, after that illiterate spiel, I doubt she's going to be on my Christmas Card list.

My rant today is going to be regarding assumptions based on how people look.
Guess what? I have prim tits and blonde hair. I LIKE the 'Barbie' look. 
I like having a fat ass, I like wearing a ton of bling and ridiculously high shoes in SL.
Do I have fake tits in RL? No. I don't even have a fat ass, which is a total shame, as I'd love some Beyonce Ghetto Booty, and I'm not even a fucking blonde.
Secondlife is a place to be what you want, but it seems that even there you're gonna get preconceived judgements made upon you, and the look you chose to rock. Shame really. I can understand it if you're all out of proportion, or you're wandering around like a duck with your system clothes after 3 years, but if I chose to be a Bimbo, respect my fucking decision, and don't hate.
Hell, talk to me, you'll soon realize that not only am I quite friendly and approachable (depending on what you're speaking to me about, I can get quite sarcastic if you're a crap roleplayer and want some sex!), but I actually have more than half a brain in my head.

To call me a whore, or to slate the way I dress without having ever spoken to me, proves nothing but unfounded jealousy. Seriously, Miss Rayven!
If causing drama is what you want, you've failed miserably. All you've managed to do is make yourself look like a sad-act, a jealous little girl who clearly hasn't been able to create a name for herself even in a virtual world, so picks on those who have been lucky enough to strike out and make some really good friends in the adult industry.

Don't hate without reason.
Don't hate at all - hold in contempt. Most hater's aren't worth the time spent on them, and for that reason, I shall never mention Rayven again.

Bob Marley said it best.

"Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect

 and I don't live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, 

make sure your hands are clean."

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Nurse! Dethly Productions


I meant to do this yesterday, but i'm a lazy bastard sometimes. I'm still amazed at the amount of drama people cause, and I'm sure I don't have it bad yet. From now on I'm keeping my nose clean!

On to the good stuff!

Hair : >TRUTH< Helena w/Roots (Upper) - swedish
Jacket, I used the arm prims only from : Indyra Originals- Republica Fur Jacket - White/Gold
Undies & Stocking : Maai, " Xsmas morning " FREE GROUP GIFT.
Tattoo : [GLUE INK] No regrets Frut Tingle Tattoo
All mah bling from MANDALA
Boots - Lapoint & Bastchild (previously blogged)
Nipples - Vanilla Sucks (previously blogged)
Tadaaa. Now go clone yo'selves. Bitches! <3

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


In case you hadn't noticed, Christmas is approaching pretty fast, and loathe as I am to become embroiled in the big ol' commercial aspect, I purchased an outfit anyway!

This outfit is from a place called Tw@ttyC@ke, and they specialize in making clothes suitable for ladies with or without prim boobies.
I had a bit of a problem with the top at first, but the owner was SO nice, she sent me a replacement straight away! So good clothes & awesome customer service, well done Tw@ttyC@ke!

Outfit : T.C Rawrdolph, comes with the nose & antlers too.
Faun legs : *Epic* Socked Faun Legs {Black}

An excuse to perv at my ass of awesome, and also a peek at the cute tail included in the Tw@ttyC@ke outfit too!
Hair : [e] Other - Blonde 05

Necklace :  ::LEO-NT:: My Glamour Reindeer (gold) 

Monday, 19 December 2011


This is Bosley Diavolo. He's my new friend YAY!
Not only is he cute to look at when I've not drawn all over his face, but he's also super talented and makes his own poses - not to mention being a fabulous photographer. We were chilling out at his place earlier and he did an amazing picture for me today for the blog. Thankies Bosley!

The pose was made specially for me and all my curves by Bosley Diavolo.
He doesn't have a store yet, but he's very friendly and I'm sure he wont mind an inworld IM if you have any ideas for poses and/or pictures. 

This is my LOTD. I love pink, so you'll probably see a lot of it x.x

Dress : ** Via Dress Lace Blush
Pants : ** Tyra Jeans Washed Black
Boobies : Lolas! :::: Push-Up 2.5
Boots : Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Pink - Needs a mesh viewer. Mmm. Mesh...

Eyes : [D.A] Lumiere Blue's, (Dead Apples, Marketplace)
Eyeshadow :  [D.A] Glam Eyeshadow, Glam Pink (Dead Apples, Marketplace)
Eyeshadow 2 : - DAMNED -  Tribal Make up
Lips & Cheeks : Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up (Marketplace)
 Hair : >TRUTH< Lacey, Swedish.

Bracelets & Nails : [MANDALA]KABUKI BLACELET,Handring,Nails/Shangri-La PINK

Once again, all poses are made by the amazing Bosley Diavolo. Shout at him in world for more details!

&& Mindless Rant.

Three bloody weeks already.
So far, I'd like to think I've made a few GOOD friends. Obviously I have my Lex, and there's no doubt that no matter what she's always going to be a big part of my SL. 
However, I also realized a few things I thought I was being careful about.
FEELINGS on SL are so fickle. Like, REALLY fucking fickle. People are shallow and ridiculous.
It's upsetting to think that one person in this virtual world can have such a presence for a short while, and make a huge impact upon the person you are in both worlds, only for that 'good feeling', that 'perfect moment' to turn sour.
I thought that this time around, I'd be much more sensible when it comes to choosing who to allow into my personal little bubble of awesome. Turns out, there's already been a couple of mistakes.
The people who can't be friends with you unless you're spending every waking minute speaking to them or hanging with them. My world will NOT revolve around someone else unless I deem them important enough.
I don't IM much in world. I guess that's one of my flaws. Just because I don't have something to say ALL the time doesn't mean I don't have a voice, and it also doesn't mean that I'm plotting world domination (fun idea though), I guess I'm not an overly needy person at all times. Which comes as a bit of a surprise!
What I most wanted to rant about was the word LOVE. Four simple letters. Put those letters together and you get a word so powerful it can affect the very core of the person you are, or want to be. Love makes you vulnerable and opens up a black hole of different wants, needs and desires.
Everyone wants to be loved. If you're claiming you don't want that, then you're clearly under some sort of illusion, as it's pretty much, as I see it, a basic human need.

I don't throw the word LOVE around. Some do.
Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
It's mean and not necessary in the slightest.
When you find it, cling to it. Nurture it. Devour it at every opportunity.
Don't neglect it, because someone else is waiting in the wings to grasp at what you once had.

Never say I love you.....
if you don't really care
Never talk about feelings.....
if you they aren't really there
Never hold my hand......
if you're going to break my heart
Never say you're going to.....
if you don't plan to start
Never look me in the eye....
if all you do is lie
Never say hello....
if you really mean goodbye
if you really mean forever......
then say you'll try
Never say forever......
'cuz forever makes me cry 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Pixel X Magazine - Covergirl!

YAY! I was invited to become the covergirl for the first issue of Pixel X Magazine!
Totally honored, and I get to have my pictures taken by the gorgeous & talented King of Wicked, Barrett Hawker <3

Bubble Electric!

I was lucky enough to bump into a wonderfully strange lady, who not only took a fantastic
picture of me, but also owns this great store called (Bubble) Electric.
Everyone with Lola's, or any prim boobies will be aware of how hard it is to find clothes to cover their bits, and what Litani Istmal has done is add lola's packs to many of her items. I really hope she carries on, because I totally adore her clothes, so much that I bought them in all colours.

So I roped Lexus in for a shoot. YAY! Double the boobies!

This is delicious Lexus. Ain't she a beaut? We spent about 3 hours today modifying her shape so she didn't have rugby players shoulders and still retained her curves. It was a fucking nightmare, however, the result is freaking lush! (She's gonna kill me for telling people that!)

Skin: !Rehab  Jovana - Pale - five 
Shoes: VvB BLACK STYLE 11 Platform Heels V4L
Lingerie: (b)e: lacey & red

Makeup: Damned KMDT  EyesMakeup
Hair: booN WMO003 hair blonde
Eyes: Fashism- 'Sunrise' Eyes - Deep Turquoise
I think the lashes are Catwa... don't quote me on that though!

I'm adding a close up of Lex's vagina to show the cute little hip bow on the side of the undies.
It's super cute, the attention to detail here is fantastic.

I also threw an outfit together based on (Bubble) Electric goodies.

Bodysuit & Jacket : (b)e  glam turq leo & Parka
Tights : *Sheer* Tights 12, Torn Vines
Belt : ~Pepper~ Andavi Belt - BLACK
Rolled Tee : *League* Lifted TankTop
Tattoo : Glue Ink, Pandora Tattoo

Close up of the ankle length fuck me boots... rawr!

Boots : .:L&B: ."Angeline" (Lapoint & Bastchild)
These come with a colour hud, and have so many options it'll make your eyes cross!

I'm really pleased we now have so many tattoo options, and I regularly make use of them.

Lipgloss & Blusher : Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up (Marketplace)
Eyes : *BOOM* Truly Outrageous eye makeup! - Can't remember which one, there's about 7 options!
Hair : "LoQ Hair" Whisky I - Pale Golden

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Casting Couch - Dethly Productions

Thankies Daves <3

Stripped Bare.

First OFFICIAL post after that god-awful trial run, which at least proved I had half the skills it takes to embed pictures, now I gotta figure out the videos. -scratches her head-.

For now though, I thought I'd go with some mindless nudity, under the pretense of amazingly awesome blogging & information. Let's see if I get this shiz right. Weeeeee.....

Ok so I wanted to show off my tatas. Anyone got a problem with that? 
In all seriousness, I know what a pain in the butt the Lola's prim boobs can be, and whereas I can't really help MUCH on this (I was lucky enough to be handed a texture for my skin - ty SO much Sheila), this is what they look like when they're properly matched!
I've barely edited these, just a little smudge and an overlay. I don't wanna over-edit things because then you don't actually know what you're getting and it sucks. (btw, I rant a LOT.)

Prim Boobs : Push Up, Lolas!
Prim feet : N-Core
Hair : Britney, Catwa
Lashes : # 1 3D Alpha Lashes, Catwa
Vagina (yeah I have one!) : -JR-
Tattoo : Pandora Tattoo,Glue Ink.

I did a back view too. Who knew SL asses were so hard to edit?

Leg Tattoo : Bow Tattoo, Glue Ink.
I love love love these, they're so naughty, yet innocent at the same time. I get lots of comments on those smexy tats, and they look fantastic with bare feet OR massive stripper heels. FAB!

Now for my collar. I'm completely enamoured with this thing. It's SO delicate and gorgeous.
I adore the way the chain hangs down over your spine and is locked with a heart. Yummy.

Collar : Spinal Collar White, PixelFashion

And a front view for the titties too...

You may or may not notice the nipples I'm using aren't the standard Lola's. Thanks to my awesome friend Dee, and the power of multiple attachments (Thank you Linden Gods, one thing I agree with!) I'm using these stunningly detailed nipples. They were surprisingly easy to fit too - and there are a ton of texture & piercing options.

Nipples : Sculpted Nipples, Vanilla Sucks 

AND that concludes my first official post. GO ME!

Testing, testing, 1,2,3!

First post. Oh the excitement, can you feel it building?

This is Strom, aka Strombolio Resident. He named himself after a pastry desert from his freezer, and sometimes when we're both incredibly bored and/or horny, we join together and create magical memories. This is one. Yay! I put a photo in too!